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Bowhaus means excellent dog care.

Our staff is trained in canine body language, group play behavior, doggie first-aid and CPR, and we have over 35 years dog care experience between the lot of us.  Our facilities are sanitary, heated and cooled, and we excel at providing a Positive Social Environment for your dog, in which they are safe and tend to enjoy themselves, a lot.

Enjoy browsing our site, let us know if you have any questions, and we hope to meet you soon!  

We recently participated in the annual Daycare Games held by the Dog Gurus. It's a national competition that scores individual employees in three areas. Gate boundary, group sits and dog recall. We had a lot of fun with it and so did the dogs. We will be making this an annual competition! The Dog Gurus named us as being a great daycare! Check out this link!


We are a donation site for Colorado Pet Pantry.  Please consider donating some pet food so families in need can keep their pets!

We are a donation site for Colorado Pet Pantry.  Please consider donating some pet food so families in need can keep their pets!


Two great places for dogs...

Bowhaus Erie

You're currently at the site for our Erie Location.

Bowhaus Erie has a gigantic outdoor play area that's roughly 14,000 sq. ft, and an indoor play area that's 4,000 sq. ft.  We've been open since 2005 and we're having lots of fun.

Bowhaus Boulder

For information about our Boulder Location, open since May 2013, please visit its site at http://bowhausboulder.com

*Please note that our Boulder location has different rates


Bowhaus Erie Services


Our daycare services are the best anywhere, because our staff are not only genuine dog fanatics, but are trained to understand dog body language, how to manage social groups, and doggie first-aid.  Our play areas are simply the biggest anywhere.

Learn more about our daycare services, including pricing! 



Boarding at Bowhaus includes full days of daycare, so your dog can hang out, play, and simply enjoy being a dog with other dogs before being tucked in at night in their own private kennel run.  We make sure they have everything they need to stay happy and healthy throughout their visit.

Learn more about our boarding services, including pricing and what to bring for your dog! 



Before registering, please be sure you have read and understood all provided information about the services you are interested in, and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!  Thank you.

Our dog loves going here; she always gets so excited that she doesn’t even say goodbye to us when we drop her off. We always feel safe and totally worry-free when she is at Bowhaus, which allows us to have a great time when away. And, She always comes homes exhausted and happy. As an added bonus, you can watch the dogs play outside all day on webcams, just to make sure they’re having a good time. This is a great business, too. The people are friendly and all seem to love animals, and they are very flexible and accommodating. They have let our dog come at the last minute due to emergencies on several occasions. This is truly a wonderful place!
— Anonymous, Lafayette
I’d like to thank you for taking such good care of my dog, Rudy. When you first met Rudy, he was a little shy and fearful, and, passive around more dominant dogs. The advice my Vet gave me about “doggie day care” centers, was that dogs learn bad behaviors there. Well, the opposite has happened, and Rudy has blossomed into a more outgoing, confident, and assertive dog. I realize dogs at Bowhaus have helped role-model acceptable behaviors within the “dog pack” for Rudy. But, I am very pleased that the philosophy and practice of people at Bowhaus has contributed to the growth in his personality. I’ve seen your kind and gentle care, I’ve seen your appropriate strict boundaries, and I’ve seen the high standards you expect from the dogs.
— Rudy's Mom

Bowhaus Erie


415 Jones Ct
Erie, CO 80516

Call: (303) 828-4989

E-mail: goodtimes@bowhaus.biz


  • Mon.–Sun.: 7AM–7:00PM
  • Check-ins: 7AM–10AM
  • Check-outs: 7AM–10AM, 4PM–7:00PM
  • Note: If you need to pick up outside of these hours, please call ahead and give us time to prepare your dog for pick up. Picking up or dropping off outside of these hours is disruptive to the pack so we try to keep the comings and goings to these times. 

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