Unlike most boarding facilities, every night of boarding at Bowhaus includes a full day of daycareYour dogs are given their own private, sanitary kennel (or crate, if they prefer), in which they eat, sleep (and take breaks if needed) and as much personal attention as we are able to provide.  Dogs who live together can be kenneled together, and eat separately if need be. 

Our indoor facilities are climate-controlled and sanitary. We use natural aromatherapy and sleep-encouraging music during sleep-times, to ensure your dog gets good rest.  We have a range of kennels and crates to comfortably accommodate every size of dog and multiple dog households (up to two large / x-large dogs per large pen).

If your dog will be boarding with us, please read this page (AND the Daycare page) entirely and let us know if you have any questions!

Trial Day of Daycare Required

One full day of daycare (a "Trial Day" - see Daycare page) is required for each dog, prior to their first boarding stay, to be sure they will be a good fit and that they know you will pick them up after having a good time with our pack.

Please read the whole Daycare page, as all Boarding dogs attend daycare all day.

Reservations (and Deposits)

All our boarding services are by reservation only. If you need to cancel a boarding reservation please let us know at least 24hrs in advance. No call no shows will be billed 25% of the estimated stay.  However, for all major holidays we require a deposit of 25% of the estimated stay and it is due at the time of reservation approval.We require a minimum 3 night stay over major holidays. This includes 3 days before and 3 days after the actual holiday. (These deposits are refundable up to 14 days before the reservation start date). Failure to cancel within 14 days will result in a forfeit of your deposit.


Check-in and Check-out times

Check-in: 6:30am–10:00am 

Check-out: 6:30am–10:00am
[additional check-out times between 4pm and 7:00pm - late check-out fee applies]

We charge for boarding from morning to morning, meaning check-in and check-out time is in the morning.  Late check-outs (after 10am) roll over into daycare for that day and incur a discounted daycare fee of $21 per dog. If you pick up before 10am there is no daycare fee, if you pick up after 10am there is a discounted daycare fee.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US THAT WE KNOW APPROXIMATELY WHEN YOU WILL PICK UP YOUR DOG.  Knowing that determines whether we feed them dinner.  We don't want your dog throwing up in your car or even worse, getting bloat (which is life-threatening).  We also don't want to have to feed your dog right before they are kenneled for the night, as that's not fair to them.  We plan our feeding (and digestion) times with care.  Please help us out with this and let us know if your plans change!

Why We Prefer Morning Check-Ins (the earlier the better)

Every night of boarding is preceded by and includes a day of daycare. If you've read our Daycare page, you know that our primary goal is to provide a safe Positive Social Environment for your and every dog who stays with us.  We do not allow check-ins after 10:00am because it is our experience that dogs who arrive late–even the nicest dogs–are disruptive to the Positive Social Environment, causing stress for and sometimes conflict with the other dogs.  Please arrange to have your dog arrive as early in the morning as possible (as early as 6:30am), giving them the opportunity to make themselves at home in the pack and be ready to rest while the other dogs rest.  We want to set every dog up to have a good time!  Early drop-offs help! If you do need to drop them off in the afternoon the check-in times are from 4pm-6pm. If you are dropping off in the afternoon, please make sure your dog has been fed and walked. 

Note: We cannot guarantee that your dog will get group play time if you drop off in the evening, it sometimes creates conflict with the other boarding dogs. They will be allowed a potty break before being kenneled for the evening. 

Boarding Prices

(These prices are per dog, per night.)

1 Dog: $41

2 Dogs: $38

3 + Dogs: $36

Long Stay Discounts

10–19 nights: $38 / night

20+ nights: $36 / night

Between multiple-dog prices and longer-stay prices, we will give you whatever is the lower applicable price.

Late check-out - Discounted Daycare fee: $21 (applies if you pick up after 10am)

What to Bring for Your Dog


For your dog's sake, we require that you provide their own food; the same food they usually eat.  Changing a dog's diet abruptly can be very stressful on their digestive system, and especially in a new environment.  This can lead to your dog feeling ill and being generally unhappy, and messy.  Please bring their own food, in an airtight container, and a little more than you think they'll need for the duration of their stay.  ('Zip-Lock' bags work great.) Please make sure you write your dogs name on the container along with feeding instructions. If your dog(s) runs out of food we will check to see if they have any allergies and offer them Taste of the Wild. Note: We may charge for a small bag of food depending on how long they are staying  We do not charge extra for special diets or feeding instructions, but if feeding your dog is a complex routine, please consider how you can simplify it for us.  In case we ever need to add/supplement/replace your dog's food, please be sure that, if your dog has allergies, they are noted in your dog's file - you can do that when you register or after logging in to your account.


We also request that you bring their own bed or bedding from home, which will give them some sense of familiarity while they are away from home, as well as a soft place to lay down.  (A dog's sense of psychological wellbeing is largely tied to familiarity.) If possible, please write your dogs name on the bed. We have very limited bedding available, if you forget yours, but strongly prefer you bring their own.

Anything else?

Food and bedding are all we require, though, you may also bring the following items if you wish:

• treats or things to chew on (so long as they are not made from rawhide, are made in China, or seem to pose any choking risk)

• toys for their kennel. So long as the toys don't seem to pose a choking hazard, we can put toys in your dog's kennel.

• old t-shirt, towel, or something else that smells like you

• special harnesses, collars, or other items for walking (if you have requested walks)

Medications and Medical Conditions

We are happy to administer any medications your dog may need, at intervals that are required (generally at or around feeding times), at no additional charge. If your dog needs medications overnight please let us know and we will try to work with you. We require (as is required by law) that their pharmaceutical (prescription) medications are given to us in their original prescription bottles, with accurate dosage information (as prescribed by your veterinarian) intact on the bottle, and some contents still in the container.

If your dog takes supplements (non prescription) please let us know what they are and label them if they are not in their original container. If your dog has a medical condition that requires medication (or any medical condition), please be sure we are informed of and understand what the condition entails for the care of your dog.

What not to bring for your dog...

Please do not bring the following items:

food and water bowls (unless they are special bowls required for feeding your dog).  We have plenty of bowls!

anything made out of rawhide

• treats made in China

•giant, oversized beds (may not fit in a kennel with room for other necessary items, like bowls)

Bowhaus Erie Boarding Dog Routine:

6:00 AM - Out of kennels together to potty (dog's have water available in their pens and crates overnight)

6:20 AM - Back in kennels to eat breakfast

9:30 AM - Boarders join the pack for group play and socialization

12:00–1 PM - Lunch and doggie nap time for dogs who get lunch or need a break

3:00-3:30 PM - Boarding dogs back to kennels (for extra rest and their own fresh bowl of water)

4:00 PM - Dinner time

5:30-6:30 PM - Final potty and play time

6:45 PM - Kenneled for the night

Sleep Times

Our boarding dogs are safe and cozy in their kennels from 6:45 PM till 6:00 AM.  (Which is pretty standard for boarding facilities.)  Some people worry that this is too long for their dogs to go without a potty break. In our long experience, about 98% of our dogs–even fairly young puppies–have no problem holding their bladders and bowels through the night.  It is usually only in cases when a dog has an *upset stomach or bladder/incontinence issues, or is very, very young, that they will soil their kennels. (Even puppies as young as 16 weeks usually make it through the night.)

Keep in mind that dogs sleep up to 18 hours a day, and on average 13 hours a day.  In this kind of environment, they will usually use more energy and sleep less during the day than they are accustomed to at home, so it is important for them to get a lot of rest at night.

*In cases of upset stomachs, we may add pumpkin to their food to settle their stomach, or acidophilus (probiotic).  In severe cases we may administer Pepcid. For potential urinary system irritations/infections, we administer cranberry extract.

If you feel this may be a good fit for your dog/s, and you have also read the Daycare page, please feel free to register here and request a reservation for a Trial Day.

Boarding Frequently Asked Questions


Do you charge different prices for different sized dogs?

Nope, for us, every dog, no matter their size, requires the same amount of care, so we charge the same amount regardless of their size.

My dog has a complicated feeding routines / instructions.  Can you accommodate that?

We're happy to mix up some kibble and wet food (or other things that need to be refrigerated), maybe add some supplements, or anything that's not too complicated.  We want your dog to have what they're used to.  However, if feeding your dog is usually a process with many steps, please consider how you can simplify it for us, perhaps by pre-mixing or bagging some items.  Also be sure you write down clear and detailed instructions.

Can somebody other than me pick up my dog?

Yes!  But please be sure they are listed as people authorized to pick up your dog when you register/create your account.  Or when you drop your dog up let us know who will pick them up.  Also, please be sure you put a credit card on file (highly encrypted and secure) or that whoever is picking up your dog can pay at check-out.

What do you do if a dog doesn't eat?

Though some dogs will eat absolutely anything anywhere, many dogs don't want to eat much in a new or unfamiliar environment and that's not anything to be terribly concerned about (dogs don't starve!).  However, if a dog has skipped a few meals, we will generally first try adding a little warm water to their kibble, to make it more aromatic.  If that doesn't work, we will check your dog's file to see if they have allergies and depending on that, we might mix a very small amount of wet food into their bowl.  That usually does the trick.