Our dog loves going here; she always gets so excited that she doesn’t even say goodbye to us when we drop her off. We always feel safe and totally worry-free when she is at Bowhaus, which allows us to have a great time when away. And, She always comes homes exhausted and happy. As an added bonus, you can watch the dogs play outside all day on webcams, just to make sure they’re having a good time. This is a great business, too. The people are friendly and all seem to love animals, and they are very flexible and accommodating. They have let our dog come at the last minute due to emergencies on several occasions. This is truly a wonderful place!
— Anonymous, Lafayette
I’d like to thank you for taking such good care of my dog, Rudy. When you first met Rudy, he was a little shy and fearful, and, passive around more dominant dogs. The advice my Vet gave me about “doggie day care” centers, was that dogs learn bad behaviors there. Well, the opposite has happened, and Rudy has blossomed into a more outgoing, confident, and assertive dog. I realize dogs at Bowhaus have helped role-model acceptable behaviors within the “dog pack” for Rudy. But, I am very pleased that the philosophy and practice of people at Bowhaus has contributed to the growth in his personality. I’ve seen your kind and gentle care, I’ve seen your appropriate strict boundaries, and I’ve seen the high standards you expect from the dogs.
— Rudy's Mom